Gobi Gurvansaikhan National Park

This card set contains images from one of Mongolia’s most famous and beautiful national parks, Gobi Gurvansaikhan. The area called Gobi is a vast region occupying much of southern Mongolia and a large piece of northern China. The park includes some 27,000,000 hectares of dark volcanic mountains, sunset-colored canyons, sand dunes, dinosaur bones, salt flats, marshes, and vast plains. It stretches about 400 km from east to west, and 80 km north to south in 10 sums, mostly in South Gobi Aimag. The national park was established in 1993, and enlarged to its current size in 2000.

This collection is the product of Conservation Ink, a nonprofit organization devoted to supporting conservation and environmental awareness in Mongolia’s protected areas through the production and sale of published educational materials. All proceeds go to conservation efforts in and around the national parks.

Art prints of these images are available for purchase. For information, contact Conservation Ink.

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